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Added: 16th December 2009
Posted By: turner_011
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This is a re-post of "Hung Buds Jerking" posted by CEDDIE of 2 married friends having a casual gettogether. It's in B&W. And it's edited so the cumshots are in slomo with a sound delay. This says something good about male bonding. 2 great cocks.

Tags: buds,long,thick
Beautiful Eddie
Added: 4th May 2012
Posted By: topper4ever
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Fantasy meets reality.

Tags: monster
Big Eddie Again
Added: 7th October 2012
Posted By: topper4ever
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This was already posted but most people had trouble playing it.

Tags: eddie thick
Re: Big Eddie Again
Added: 4th March 2014
Posted By: ricksunkut
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Have enjoyed your post since You Tube Eddie. For sure I am a fan and fellow pumper. Love to see you live! Rick in CA/USA.

Tags: muscles, pumper
Eddie at his best
Added: 15th July 2013
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
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Muscle Eddie showing his dong.

Tags: hung big large long biggest largest xxl enormous giant humongous
Seen on a straight webcam
Added: 9th August 2010
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
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He is known as Eddie on dick.net

Tags: Thick girth dong long large xxxl monstercock monster big hung horsehung horsecock schlong massive biggest bigger gigantic wanking cam
The Schlong of Eddie
Added: 12th September 2011
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
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Muscle Eddie' schlong.. silicone enhanced.

Tags: hung big schlong pole huge big monstercock horsehung xxl
Added: 16th September 2012
Posted By: jo1achim
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youing dud with standing cock

Tags: twink, standing cock,dicks
To the Haters and Complainers
Added: 5th January 2013
Posted By: DEVI8TOR
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If a video gets posted twice and it really bothers you you need to bring it up to the site moderator. For the record, I don't go searching the thousands of videos here to make sure that something hasnt been posted before. Also, for the record, I don't care if someone posts the same shit Ive...

Tags: williebrowne partyboy877 XYChromo phreddie1 bigdonato papagallo222 heurtebise
Eddie and his superschlong
Added: 15th July 2013
Posted By: Internationalmuscle
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Tags: hung big large long biggest largest xxl enormous giant humongous